December 31, 2013

Cat Spring, Texas - Community Barbecue - 2013 and 2014

Cat Springs Road Trip - 2014

Heinsohn's is one of the coolest stores in Central Texas. I picked up a parilla for my Weber so that I can grill fish outside.

A pretty house in New Ulm.

A church in New Ulm.

The fields in this area were exploding with yellow wildflowers.

And now, on to the barbecue. the men had started the fires for the coals at around 4 in the morning. It was now mid-afternoon and the pork and beef were finishing up.

The Cat Spring, Texas annual community barbecue. Here begin the photos taken in 2013.

This meeting hall was a design created by a German architect in the early 1900's and was used by many of the small towns in this part of Texas. In addition to its excellent ventilation pre-airconditioning, its design included for the circular dance floor.

Manning the booth where beer and soft drinks will be sold in the afternoon.

A commemorative banner for the first one hundred years.

The vintage cast iron kettles used for making the beans and barbecue sauce.

The amazing open pit. Post oak wood reduced to charcoal and then loaded into the pit for slow cooking the meat overnight. Beef and pork.

A lot of barbecue sauce was made this week-end.

The home grown fruit and vegetable competition. Getting ready for the judges

Interesting. It's known as Cat Spring these days.

The interior of the dance hall.

I had to get one of these t-shirts.

Time for me to stir up some beans today.

Gary and Lori hanging out at the bean pots.

Just a great bunch of folks. They made us feel so welcome. We had such a good time.


Next up, we've heard that Millheim down the road has theirs on Father's Day June 16 and their specialty is mutton barbecue.


  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2013

    Was there after you - fun day & great recommendation!Thank you Jay - KC


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