December 31, 2013

Pollo Campero Fried Chicken - The Dry Method (Pollo Campero's Thin and Crispy Crust)

Pollo Campero facilities receive their dry mix from a centralized facility. The chicken (from Tyson) may be pre-marinaded or pre-brined for a fixed amount of time and then fed into a rotating drum at the same time that the dry mix is fed in. The rotating mechanism thoroughly coats the chicken pieces. These are then fried under pressure. This results in a thin, but very crispy crust and is really delicious. 

A few years ago, when Pollo Campero first came to Houston, I found that I couldn't eat their chicken because it was painfully salty. With the introduction of their newer Latin Fusions locations, I've noticed that the chicken was not as salty. It is one of my favorite places to eat. With a side of quinoa / black bean salad and a second side of cucumber / tomato salad, I am a happy diner.

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