December 31, 2013

Ellinger Parish Picnic

With my visit to Ellinger this past August 25, 2013, I was able to finalize that there are three ways to fry up chicken here in the German/Czech area of Texas. In towns like Weimar, the method is to whip eggs, dip the chicken in the egg bath and then coat with all purpose flour. For the others, it is an icy whole milk bath before the seasoned flour. Most places flour, dip and dip back into the flour. Here in Ellinger, they use an ice water bath. You will notice that the chicken when it comes out of the fryer is lighter in color. I believe that this is because whole milk has sugars which brown more. But I can assure you, the Ellinger Fried Chicken was perfectly cooked, with a fantastic crunch. It wasn't overly seasoned and I complimented them on handling the salt level. This was very fine chicken indeed.

One of the men in charge of handling the sausage cooking. A great guy!

Along with the chicken, they cooked up some sausage from Prasek's in Hillje.

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