Kolaches - Where To Find Them

Kolache, Kolaches, Kolatch, Kolatche, Kolaç.  The Czech immigrants to Texas at the end of the 19th century brought their cuisine here and introduced the kolaç, giving it its own Texas style. The kolaç is a sweet pastry, never savory (that was to evolve later as klobasnicki or "pigs in blankets" as they were known when I was growing up became lumped in as kolaches here in Texas). And the classic soft bread kolaç, made with butter, milk, sugar, flour and yeast gave way to this god awful doughy doughnut thing in the Asian run doughnut shops in Texas.

And so, here is a short list of place where one can get the real deal. I have sampled them at all of these places and can give my native Texan seal of approval to them.

Little Gretel Restaurant
518 River Road

Weikel's Bakery
2155 Highway 290

East Bernard
Vincek's Smokehouse
139 S Dill Street

Hruska's Bakery
Highway 71 (can't miss it...Ellinger isn't that big)

Hilje (El Campo)
Prasek's Hilje Smokehoust
29714 Highway 59

Original Kolache Shoppe
5404 Telephone Road

La Grange
Weikel's Bakery
2247 West Highway 71

La Grange
Lukas Bakery
135 North Main Street

Old Main Street Bakery
808 3rd Street

Original Kountry Bakery
110 Kessler Avenue

Prasek's Sealy Smokehouse
2949 I-10 Frontage Road

West, Texas
Czech Stop
104 S George Kacir Street

West, Texas
Gerik's Old Czech Bakery
511 W Oak Street

West, Texas
Village Bakery
113 E Oak Street

West, Texas
Slovacek's Bakery
214 Melodie Drive

Various Locations - Buc-Ee's

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