Korean Fried Chicken - Toreore and Beyond - A Collection of Korean Fried Chicken Recipes - 2021


Update 2021. New ownership, and a flour based fried chicken crust. Following notes are from when it was a corn starch crust, original ownership.

This is the "secret" ingredient, but they are using the "extra crispy" version:

Previous comments on Toreore from 2013/2014:

"Today saw me making a pilgrimage to Ranch 99 and Super H-Mart in search of a Park Brand Kim Chee Sauce, mentioned in a recipe for fried chicken. It wasn't available but I took the opportunity to have the Number 6 at Chicken and Joy (aka Toreore or Nonghyup Moguchon) in the H-Mart grocery store. This is the hot, sweet, spicy option. It wasn't Gus's. Not by a long shot. But in terms of flavor it came close. And it was delicious. The chicken is cut fresh and then dipped in a dry mix and deep fried for 15 minutes. It is then tossed with the sauce of your choice. The flour mix has little if any wheat flour in it (I was told ).

It is supposed to be corn flour based. I ordered a serving to go, sauce on the side, picked up some seasoned boneless skinless chicken thighs, some corn flour and also some Maseca. I tried several different versions:

1. Maseca
2. Corn Flour
3. Corn flour with a little wheat flour and a little rice flour

I had the original take-out for comparison. The original from Chicken and Joy had a smoother crust. But it was not a wheat flour based crust. The three of mine were more gritty, with the Maseca being the most gritty of all. But I can confirm that I came close.  I couldn't duplicate their dry mix. But my three attempts would all work perfectly well if tossed with the sweet and spicy Korean sauce. Makes me want to do some research into tempura and/or Korean batters.

Because I could not locate the Park Brand sauce, I bought another kimchi sauce whose first ingredients were chilli powder and garlic.

Photos of the Experiment (Original Chicken and Joy is on the Left) (Without the Sauce)"

1. Maseca

2. Corn Flour

3. Corn Flour with some Rice Flour and Wheat Flour Added

Update - January 2016 - Recipe for a Spicy Crispy Chicken Without Spattering Grease

Spicy Crispy Chicken recipe
I’ve written about my take on Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) before and waxed poetic about how those spicy crispy wings make me swoon, but heating a big pot of oil and double frying wings is not a project that I’d want to undertake on a weeknight.
That’s why I’ve come up with this fast alternative to tame those urgent KFC cravings, on days when I just don’t feel like dealing with a pot full of used oil and a grease spattered stovetop.
Spicy Crispy Chicken recipe
The trick to getting the skin crispy is to throw the chicken into a cold pan with no oil, and then slowly raise the temperature, coaxing most of the oil out of the skin.
Spicy Crispy Chicken recipe
By weighing down the chicken it ensures an even contact patch between the skin and the hot pan, leaving a paper-thin layer of impossibly crisp skin.
Spicy Crispy Chicken recipe
Coated with a sweet and spicy glaze, it makes for the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of steamed rice or a frosty cold beer.
Spicy Crispy Chicken recipe

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  1. Hello,

    I noticed you tried using Maseca. Where have you found this in Korea? It is extremely difficult to locate!
    Thanks in advance for any hints!

    1. I would guess it is difficult to find in Korea. I live in Houston, Texas and it is easy to find here. However, after experimenting with it, I can confirm that there is no value in using Maseca as a batter for fried chicken. I would recommend corn starch or all purpose flour instead.