Paul Prudhomme - Fried Chicken Recipe - The Coating System

These are interesting videos. And I have some lessons learned to share with you. With respect to the instructions to flour the chicken, let it rest so that a paste develops, then to dip in a wet bath and then to the final seasoned flour, here is what the results are. First, it does result in a crispy chicken right out of the fryer and, as Paul remarked, there is a varying coloration and blisters. This method really allows for the developing of the gluten and the result is what some people would say is a tough crust. This is a better recipe for any time that you would keep the chicken for later. Say, for a picnic later in the day or the next day, where cold chicken is okay to serve. It is a pretty thick crust and is reminiscent of the the double dipped buttermilk recipes I have written about. If you are looking for a thin crust fried chicken, this is not the recipe for you. This is not a Church's Chicken type crust.

Update: I brought this batch of chicken to a gathering of friends and their response was not positive. I noticed several people picking away at the crust and just eating the chicken (which by the way was very moist and tender). Seeing this reminded me of recipes from China called either Beggar's Chicken or Thieve's Chicken where clay is used to form a vessel around the chicken and allowed to harden. The chicken is then roasted. The hardened clay is broken away with a hammer for a spectacular presentation. This thick, hard crust had kind of the same effect.

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