Dubina, Texas

Dubina was the site for one of the earliest Czech settlements in Texas. Here is a photo from Wikipedia of the St. Cyril and Methodius church which is the site for the annual parish picnic. Wikipedia advises that Dubina "is home to a population of about 44 persons, but it was once a thriving community. It was the first Czech settlement in Texas and dates from 1856. It's located 90 miles West of Houston or 104 miles East of San Antonio.
The naming of this settlement as Dubina ("oak grove") goes back to one of the first nights spent by the settlers. As the story goes, the settlers were travelling looking for a suitable place to settle down when it started raining. They sat down under a very large oak tree for shelter and looked around realizing how comfortable this place was. They then settled there giving it the appropriate name.
After the Civil War, Dubina became a toehold for recently arrived Czech immigrants. The nearby town of Hackberry was for German settlers."

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