East Bernard, Texas - Kolache Klobase Festival

The annual festival in East Bernard, one of my favorites each year, features non-stop polka bands, excellent barbecued chicken (check out those smoke pits!) served with Prasek's sausage, sauerkraut, German style potatoes and peaches. And of course, there are trays of kolaches to choose from.  After the photos taken at the Kolache Festival, I've put up a few photos from the Wharton Farmer's Market, also today. There is a lady in Wharton who makes the best darn pickles I've ever tasted. Each of her jars has a little "do not open before" followed by a date. I also met a couple who sold me some pickled beets and a delicious salsa picante.

And here are some shots from the Wharton Farmer's Market.

Here is my "Pickle Lady".

Here is my "Pickled Beets and Hot Sauce Guy"

She has honey-bees in Boling, Texas

My "Knitting and Crochet Lady"

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