Frydek - St. Mary's Church Annual Barbecue Picnic - Last Sunday in April - April 30, 2017

The annual Frydek picnic is one of the ones I most look forward to going to each year. No fried chicken, but, your plate is piled high with barbecue beef and chicken, homemade sausage, German potatoes, cole slaw, and green beans.

The sausage is made on premises the day before and smoked on site. After smoking, a small air conditioner is brought in to keep the smokehouse at the right temperature. It is one of the best sausages that I eat every year.

The chicken and beef are smoked on the long pit smokers you will see in the photos below.

The German potatoes. I used to joke that the recipe for German potatoes is: one pound of potatoes and two pounds of margarine. And onions. That got a laugh today and a nodding approval from the guys I met, handling the 'taters. In years past, they told me, the priest used to direct each parishioner to bring 5 pounds of cooked potatoes for the annual event.
"Some came in okay but others, well, you wouldn't want to eat them. And we had to bring them up to the same temperature so we came up with a vertical cooker, a high vertical pressure tank like those that go on water wells, that we could drop the baskets into and keep the water hot as we cooked through all the potatoes for the day. Started cooking them like crawfish, basically. More efficient. We started this morning at ten minutes to 8 and it's almost ten now and we're pretty much done. 750 pounds of potatoes and we're on the last four buckets. Not too bad at all."

Homemade kolatche. The women of the church have a set up of 20 ovens in total in the dining hall and kitchen and they start making the kolatche on, I think, Saturday, 20 ovens! Think about that, now.

Talk about great people. I had such a good time today, talking with everyone.

And here, to finish it out are some final photos from today's picnic:

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