Ellinger Parish Picnic - August 2016

My friends and I decided that the fried chicken here is some of the best. Whereas many of the others use a milk/ice water dip, Ellinger only uses ice water. First flour, then ice water, then flour. And unlike other places, the chicken is not overly (painfully) salty. That ice water and dredge results in a crunchy crust that holds up while in the keeping areas. Yep. Ellinger has moved to the top of our list of favorite fried chicken picnics. The dining area is inside and air conditioned. Very comfortable.

Afterward, we drove up the road to Fayetteville which has a lovely town square and two excellent cafes (Orsak's Cafe and Joe's Cafe). Joe's features chicken tenders with a hot sauce that includes ghost pepper heat! It reminded me of Nashville Hot Chicken!

We then went on to La Grange which has the hands down, absolutely, no question, best store for cooks in the state. I picked up some accessories for pie making. The store has everything!


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